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Welcome to the Walter Burley Griffin Society of America web site. Our mission is to preserve the legacy of architects Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin and the Prairie School of Architecture.

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Saturday, March 11 1:00 p.m.–2:30 p.m.
George B. Armstrong International Elementary School
2110 Greenleaf Avenue, Chicago

A rare opportunity to see exquisite murals by architect, delineator, and artist Marion Mahony Griffin in honor of the Armstrong Elementary School 8th Graduating Class of 1931. Having lived in Australia from 1914, Mahony created the paintings in 1931-32 in the Rogers Park school while on an extended visit to her Evanston family home just blocks away. Incorporating themes of imagination, creativity, and love of nature, Marion delighted students by standing upon a table to paint while asking and answering questions about her work, fairies, and other magical beings who assist the natural world.

Questions? Email or text Peggy Lami at peggylami@sbcglobal.net or 630-280-8008.

ADMISSION is FREE. Participants are responsible for their own transportation.

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Saturday-Sunday, 17-18 JUNE 2017
Join us in Southern Illinois:
Edwardsville, Elsah & St. Louis!

The eighteenth annual meeting of the Walter Burley Griffin Society of America will be held in downstate Illinois near St. Louis, Missouri. The featured building will be the Ralph Griffin house in Edwardsville, built for Walter’s brother’s family in 1909-10. Visited by the Griffin Society in 2002, the house is now fully restored and will be the subject of a monograph to be issued by the Society in time for the June meeting. The Society plans to stop in nearby Elsah, Illinois, to tour Principia College, the extraordinary campus designed by California architect Bernard Maybeck, and to visit Louis Sullivan sites in St. Louis on Sunday. Watch for further information on our website and in the Spring 2017 newsletter.


The Walter Burley Griffin Society of America
is proud to announce

Rock Crest/Rock Glen
Mason City, Iowa
The American Masterwork of
Marion M. and Walter B. Griffin

By Paul Kruty, Robert E. McCoy, Paul E. Sprague, and James Weirick

The Griffin Society is pleased to announce the publication of its latest book on the work of the Griffins: the first monograph devoted to the internationally significant site that is Rock Crest/Rock Glen. This eighteen-acre site, meant to hold nineteen houses, marks the culmination of their American practice. Lauded by Peter Harrison, the prescient Australian architect, planner and historian credited with reviving interest in the Canberra plan in the 1950s, as “the nearest approach to a complete demonstration of Griffin’s talent for the design of a total domestic environment,” Rock Crest/Rock Glen has not been the subject of intense investigation since 1968, when Robert McCoy first examined the various personalities that came together to produce this masterpiece in The Prairie School Review. Drawing on unpublished photographs, documents and drawings from the Griffins’ office only recently made available at the Australian National Library in Canberra, and supplemented with a host of original sources from a variety of American archives, the four authors examine this amazing development from contrasting points of view. Here for the first time are in-depth analyses of the historical background and clients by Robert E. McCoy; of Griffin’s development leading to this remarkable design by Paul Kruty; of each of the buildings and projects by Paul E. Sprague; and the place of Rock Crest/Rock Glen in the Griffins’ complete careers by James Weirick. The book includes the texts of the two contemporary analyses of the project (one by Griffin himself) and a lengthy bibliography.

Rock Crest/Rock Glen, Mason City, Iowa: The American Masterwork of Marion M. and Walter B. Griffin sells for $35, plus p & h, with a 20% discount price for Griffin Society members. 166 pages, with 175 black-and-white and 39 color illustrations. Walter Burley Griffin Society of America, 2014. ISBN: 0-9793588-2-5.

Published by the Walter Burley Griffin Society of America. 1152 Center Drive,
St. Louis, MO  63117.   info@wbgriffinsociety.org     www.wbgriffinsociety.org

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The Griffin Society is pleased to make available a limited number of new copies of the ground-breaking book, Two American Architects in India: Walter B. Griffin and Marion M. Griffin, 1935-1937, published in conjunction with the international conference, “The Griffins in Context: American, Australia, India,” held at the University of Illinois in October 1997. Written by Paul Kruty and Paul E. Sprague, the book is a comprehensive examination of the brief but productive period during which the Griffins worked in northern India. Long unavailable and difficult to find, the book is for sale through the Griffin Society for $25, which includes shipping and handling. (A few used copies are currently available on Amazon for up to $98.82 plus shipping.) Copies may be ordered by writing to the Walter Burley Griffin Society of America, 1152 Center Drive, St. Louis, MO, 63117.


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